Probiotic L-Arginine


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Probiotic Arginine creates the most promising gut health so arginine can digest and absorb. the speed of arginines delivery make heart health possible while improving vascularity and muscle pumps. this enhances libido and workouts.

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Science and nutrition finally meet in the advancement of amino acids. The digestive track is impacted negatively from stress, poor nutrition and even exercise. The more pressure on gut health the weaker the good bacteria known as probiotics become. This impacts overall health such as energy, immune function, digestion and recovery. By adding probiotics to L-Arginine, this amazing amino acid will not be lost in poor digestion and uptake. L- Arginine is a precursor of nitric oxide (NO) in the human body. NO an essential compound that helps blood circulation, but it is important to normal sexual function in both men and women Stronger libido ... greater endurance. Both men and women report that L-Arginine seems to increase their libido or desire for sex while L-Arginine can improve fertility in men who have low sperm counts. The positive benefits of arginine go beyond sexual enhancement. This remarkable amino acid helps build muscle mass, enhance immune function, improve blood pressure, increase memory, and speed wound healing. L- Arginine-derived nitric oxide has also been found to play a supporting role in the cardiovascular, immune, and nervous systems and has been validated by hundreds of studies. The benefits of L-Arginine are derived from its roles in protein synthesis and serving as a precursor to nitric oxide, a potent vasodilator. For these reasons, it's important for cellular functions and muscle mass development.