Schinoussa Island

Wellness spa and health destination.

On the Island of Schinoussa, the Koveos Almiros beach experience gives you ownership of taking health into your own hands. Raw organic vegetables are ready to pick and eat. Over thirty two private beaches to enjoy and begin your healing program are described as beaches of antiquity so private and virgin, the organic energy will rejuvenate every cell in your body. Sun therapy and salt water with iodine are regarded as the most natural way to get vitamin D and iodine while creating a natural detox and cleansing process. Our renowned nutrition seminars and education programs give you the knowledge needed to transform and become the health leader for yourself. The programs take place daily and you learn about the powers of super foods. You will create your own personal nutrition program with support and guidance from our nutritionist. Group activities are scheduled to build mental, physical and emotional strength. There is also leisure time so you can explore the island to make new friends and experiences.

Schinoussa offers a place of beauty, peace and an organic environment so your body, mind, soul and spirit can become strong enough to fight off any challenges without paying for it with your good health.

May 2017 opening date
Coming soon: Health packages